Riverfront Trail Moving Towards Gaps Being Closed

proposed-riverfront-northAs reported in the Omaha World-Herald, the Omaha City Council just approved a project that would close a gap in the Riverfront North trail and improve access to downtown and the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge, plus create additional trails on the west side of Carter Lake.

Currently, the Riverfront trails stops at Millers's Landing just north of the bridge.  In order to connect to the existing trail at the south end of Carter Lake, cyclists/pedestrians are forced to ride or walk along busy Abbott Drive.  By completing this section, cyclists/pedestrians will be able to enjoy continuous trail to several miles north of N.P. Dodge Park.  Ultimately this trail will extend to Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge near Fort Calhoun.

A new section of trail is also being planned that will loop around the west side of Carter lake and join into a trail along Locust Street being built by the City of Carter Lake.  The overall proposed project would provide an additional 3 miles to the metro trail system.

Development of this stretch of trail is in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Roads and the City of Carter Lake.  Due to funding and Federal highway requirements, completion could take up to 3 years.

When this project, plus the Boyer Chute link is completed, trail enthusiasts would be able to travel from outside Fort Calhoun to the Iowa/Missouri border on continuous trails.  Utililizing the Riverfront Trail, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Council Bluffs Trails and the Wabash Trace, a distance of close to 100 miles could be covered.


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